An Open Letter to the State of Alabama

Why would Senator Shelby oppose the Consumer Financial Protection Agency and fight against the interests of the people of Alabama? Simple. Cause the banks and credit card companies give him a ton of cash.
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Hey Alabama, first off, congrats on the stellar season the Crimson Tide had. Wow. That defense is nasty. I spent some time in Alabama when we shot Talladega Nights. We stayed in Birmingham. I had what may have been the best ribs ever and also found a great restaurant that made amazing mojitos.

We shot during an actual race at Talladega and I'll never forget that massive crowd and the crazy fun of the infield and the parties they had.

So clearly you're a state that loves America, believes in hard work and God. I got the sense that Alabama is a place where people don't want handouts and don't much care for people talking out of the side of their mouth.

So here's my question: why do you keep electing Senator Shelby?

I know that with all the news being owned by big corporations it's hard to get real information. And with having to work or look for work it's even harder to search for the true story so that's why I thought I'd let you know what Shelby's been doing in the Senate Banking Committee. Currently he's doing everything he can do to kill the creation of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency. This is a watchdog agency that would be created to make sure working people don't get ripped off by big Wall Street Banks and credit card companies.

So why would Senator Shelby fight against the interests of the people of Alabama? Simple. Cause those same banks and credit card companies are the ones who give him a ton of cash. Here's a list of his biggest donors.

I can't imagine any person I met in Alabama being cool with their elected official doing the bidding of giant financial institutions over the working families he's supposed to represent.

Now I know some of you might think I'm some liberal Hollywood type but that's also not true. I was born in Colorado and grew up in Pennsylvania with family in Texas and Oklahoma. The big banks and credit card companies, and health insurance companies have spent billions trying to get you to dismiss truths like this by dismissing it as liberal agitating.

If you don't believe me please call Shelby's office and ask -- (202) 224-5744. They might tell you he is supporting creation of a financial protection agency but they're not being completely truthful. Shelby and Democrat Evan Bahy from Indiana both want the agency to be under the control of the Federal Reserve which is made up guessed it, the very same private, for-profit banks the agency is supposed to regulate. Sneaky shit, eh? Ask them why they think that will work. At the point they will give you some answer about the Federal Reserve being an institution of integrity. Then you know they'll BS'ing you. Tell them you're from Alabama and for them not to treat you like a fool. Then say the magic words: if Senator Shelby doesn't support an independent Financial Protection Agency I won't vote for him.

A few dozen calls will get his attention.

The other problem is that we the people don't have billions of dollars to fight for this. All we have is our vote. But it's powerful. Without it Senators like Shelby and Bayh and Leiberman and McConnell have to go home.

One other question you may have is "why do you care Mr. Hollywood?" Well once again, I've only lived in Los Angeles for five years and I care because I have kids and I love this country. If these banks and credit card companies keep raising rates and charging crazy fees our country will go into another great depression. That means people will be out of work and we as a whole will suffer. That's why I care.

Please forward this to other people in Alabama. America needs you.

Or feel free to forward videos we made to get this message out with a few laughs attached.

None of us were paid a dime to make this and several of the participants were Republicans as well as Democrats. This is a right vs. wrong not a right vs. left issue. And if we get Shelby to wake up on this issue, when we make Talladega Nights 2, I'm buying the ribs and beer.

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