An Open Letter to this Crazy, Suffering World

An Open Letter to this Crazy, Suffering World
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This world is getting stranger by the minute.

This world is getting stranger by the minute.

Karim Shamsi-Basha

Hello World . . . I love you but seriously, you have been a bit much lately.

This entire letter could be about you-know-who in the White House, but believe it or not, I do have more pressing matters.

You are a tiny little ball hurtling through space with billions of other balls around it, yet you provide us humans with enough favorable circumstances for life to be . . . to endure. As beautiful as you are, and as delicious as your life is, it is full of wars, conflicts, struggles, and calamities. Where should I even begin?

Take my home, Syria: A civil war has been raging for over six years. Over half a million people are dead, and several millions are refugees all over you. Your Mediterranean Sea has swallowed thousands of them. You have allowed president Bashar Al-Assad to continue his atrocities, along with Russia, Daesh, (ISIS), the rebels, the Free Syrian Army, and a slue of warring factions all claiming a piece of you.

Why don’t you let them know they could coexist peacefully?


Speaking of Daesh, (ISIS), the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, what were you thinking? They echo the dark ages, where men with long beards rape and pillage and steal and kill . . . all in the name of God.

The recent Manchester bombing killing twenty-two people and injuring many more, speaks to the lack of any human value in this group. Those apes must be stopped, yet you let them roam all over you.

Lets talk about religion, shall we?

Since man has existed, you have watched him try to figure out the “secret”. Where did we come from? Why are we here? How did this miraculous life start? Mammoth for dinner again?

We have not only wondered, but we have declared ourselves right, and others wrong; the reason for the Godly wars that have killed millions of the faithful, and the wrong.

Did God Make Man, or Did Man Make God?

I asked that question at school when I was fourteen and received the paddling of all paddling’s.

The three monotheistic religions of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism share the golden rule: Treat others like you want to be treated. They preach love and peace and joy and humility and surrender; yet they have plundered by the sword since inception.

Did we invent God to justify earthly reasons for waging war against our fellow human? Is God a motive for the, “I am saved, I am not going to hell, but you are?” statement? Why does man need to proclaim himself the best? Why do we need, no, have to, assert our God is better than your God, and for that reason alone we will kill you?

Don’t take me wrong World, belief in God provides a wonderful map for living, but he also empowers a lot of evil.

Your Goodies

Dear World: You have provided us with a sun to stay warm. You have given us water to remain afloat. You have revolutionized this existence to where animals feed us, plants shade us, and gravity grounds us. You have let us accomplish astounding advances in medicine, science, business, and civics. We can now map our bodies’ Genomes and vaporize disease. We continue to live longer and healthier thanks to your Ozone layer, the one we are depleting by the same advances it has bestowed, ahmmm, cars.

You have sanctioned life to be impeccably and beautifully lived.

I have one question for you: Why does man adore conflict with his fellow man?

Some of those killed in Manchester were young teenagers swaying to the music you compelled us to create. Why would you permit a sick individual to blow their lives to pieces?

Why allow Daesh, (ISIS), to continue its sick and evil hemorrhaging survival? Why sanction the struggle between the Palestinians and the Israelis to be the epitome of Middle Eastern conflict? Why permit WWII to kill 50 million Christians, by Christians? Why do you smugly watch as the Arab Spring turns into an Arab Winter stealing the breath from under our noses?

Where were you when the protestant warred the Catholic? When Millions lost their lives in Africa? When the Crusades wiped out millions of lives in the name of Christianity? When suicide bombers took the lives of the innocent in the name of Islam? When Hitler incinerated six million Jews? When Israel made life a holy hell for the people of Gaza? When the KKK hung people from trees?

Aren’t you the reason for the difference in our skin color? The way the earth rotates around the sun has created black, white, yellow, and red – depending on how much sun we get. Socio-economic reasons such as poverty have divided this world further, but we are all the same.

We Are the Same

Did you hear me World? WE ARE ALL THE SAME.

I beg you World, Just like you have instituted huge movements in the past to correct societal ills, I ask you to establish the following:

A movement where man will look his fellow man in the eye and disregard differences in skin color, faith preference, sexual orientation, economic status, geographical boundaries, and a milieu of contrasting traits. In all of our veins, red blood runs the same.

We are the same.

A movement where weapons are buried, and books are read to little ones with sweet voices. Where the hungry is fed, the poor is sheltered, and the widow is taken care of.

We are the same.

A movement which concurs despite our different tongues, we all seek food, water, acceptance, a smile, and a roof over our heads.

We are the same.

A movement which accepts our different Gods. They make us live moral, humble, and ethical lives.

We are the same.

A movement which protects your environment, so our kids will go to sleep dreaming of waking up and carpe diem’ing the heck out of the next twenty-four hours – with plenty of clean Oxygen.

And lastly my dear World, I ask you to instill a movement where love is on the front of our brains, our hearts, and our souls. Where love for mankind takes precedent, causes action, moves mountains, and fosters tolerance. Where peace is not just an idea, but a paradigm we live and drink and eat . . . and breathe.

My dear crazy and suffering world: End war, bring about peace, and make love the quintessence of life.

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