An Open Letter to Those 'Life-long' Friends


Dear Ace of Spades,

It was 24 people, they were nobodies to me but they quickly became the people I wished I had known my whole life. They were all different. That was the thing. They were so special in a way that none of them understood. I could sit here all day and tell you about the havoc we wrecked and the beers we consumed, but all I really want to tell you about is the people. These people, man, they were something else. So here I am telling you what that something was, who those people were, and why no matter where we all go in life, we'll always remember the one giant house, the five short days, and the 23 people who forever changed our life.

In college we have the opportunity to meet so many people, but it's rare that we are put into a house 12 hours away from home with what feels like a very random group. It's rare unless you have a best friend like mine. She has a wild-spirit that sucks you in and makes you live life for the adventure. So there I was once again sucked in and on yet another adventure with her.

This adventure brought all types of incredible new people into my college life.

In college we all have the opportunity to meet people who make us laugh so hard we find ourselves gasping for air. You will find people like my new friend Pinkerton. I swear, nowhere in America can you find a jort-wearing, flash-tatted and one-of-a-kind southern accent all in one person and not laugh. Just picture him, and I swear you'll find yourself laughing.

Sometimes our adventures in college bring us people like my girls Mo and Cat. They are the type of friends who click with everyone. They remind you what it's like to meet someone and feel as if you have genuinely known him or her your entire life. This type of connection with people like them has a way of making you feel so blessed when you are out of your comfort zone. Be glad for these people, they really come in clutch.


Sometimes you get lucky and meet people who remind you why it's so utterly important to be you. For me, they were the friends on this trip that I found cheating in cards against humanity, falling asleep before the clock even hit 9 p.m., and dancing with not care in the world. People like them keep our world fresh and unique. Be grateful they exist.

Throughout your journey in college you will meet people who don't quite add up to the reputation they've been given. While I was busy making friends throughout this trip, I met a group a boys who were collectively known as the "Sketch' Squad", but nothing about them was truly sketch. They were some of the realest people you'd ever meet. Whether it was Nana and Ruh Ruh with the humor that had you rolling or even Hendrix when he made sure not one person felt left out on the trip. They were cool in a sincere way; and showed me exactly why we were always told 'never judge a book by its cover'.

Among the many friends you meet throughout college, you will also meet people who remind you to never take life too seriously. On this trip, I met a kid who surfed in a thunderstorm, made burgers for us all, and could sit down and have the most genuine conversations. He was also the kid we found laughing at himself when he heard about a rumor regarding his "curious tendencies". People like him help us appreciate the little things in life and remind us to lighten up and laugh at ourselves from time to time.

You will also realize that "friends for life" are real. For instance, my new pal, Hugh, constantly blasted others with his sarcastic humor all throughout the trip; he was rough around the edges, and was always being dealt heat by his friends. That was the thing I discovered about Hugh, though: no matter how much his jokes sucked or how much heat his friends dealt him, they were always there for him at the end of the day. And I would often hear Hugh's boys commenting to one another about how much the kid meant to them. That type of bond is special and if you ever come across it, I hope you hold on to it.


You will also ultimately make a friend who is the so-called "Mom" of your group.
The designated "Mom" of our trip thankfully also had an alter ego named "Miley", who desperately tried to save our safety deposit (didn't happen, come on were 20) all while keeping her buns in and her tongue out. She's the friend that makes us so thankful for our stand-in parents while were on our (almost) own.

In the end, college is all about the people we meet, the adventures we take, and the memories we hold.

I'm here to remind you that your adventures have just begun. The adventures will lead you to some of the most awe-inspiring assortments of people. The people you meet along the way will make you a better you, and you'll be glad to have them. They are the glue to our college experience and I hope you never forget that. My adventure happened to lead me to what the one and only Future would call my "Ace of Spades". These aces just happened to be the best nobodies I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. They taught me that, no matter where we go in life, we'd always remember the one giant house, the five short days and the 23 people who will forever hold a special place in our hearts.


Is he really bi-curious?