An Open Letter To Those Who Do Not Feel Valued

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In light of the recent attacks globally, I cannot help but think that we have failed humanity. When did we start becoming centred on our own lives and stop being there for others? Those who do not feel valued; those who do not feel that they belong in society; those who feel discriminated against; those who feel lost. We have all come across these people and here is what I have to say to them.

You seem to be one of the good ones. I know we just met each other but for some reason, I trust my instincts when it comes to you.

I am not easily impressed with people but I am quite mesmerized by you. I have not met anyone as inspiring, passionate, charming, interesting, knowledgeable, talented, active, compassionate, dedicated, beautiful as you. You have quite a few good qualities, and perhaps some not so good ones too, which fortunately I have not experienced. But nobody is perfect. That is where the beauty lies. I guess life has not been fair to you in many respects in your short (yes short, come on you are still young) life, which is why you are angry.

But I want to say, no matter how much harassment or troubles or suffering you have faced, recognize and remember that you have endured it thus far and I believe that you will continue to do so. You know, when I see you, most times you seem composed talking about these difficult issues of identity and belonging but if I look closely, I can tell this is a façade. Underneath that conciliatory smile and those politically correct words, lies a person, who is troubled, distant and angry.

Sometimes it is best to just let go. Let the anger out or find someone you can talk to. They have a saying in our country that God usually makes the strongest people suffer the most so rest assure, you are one of those people and you have the strength to battle these inner conflicts. It is not ok that people like you have to face so much harassment and discrimination. I know this feeling of being treated differently will constantly undermine you but can I just say, you have no reason to doubt yourself.

You have so much potential; I can just see it from the way you talk about things. I really believe you can go far in your life but you need to work out your issues. Being zealous is good but you have to make sure it doesn't eat away at you. You of all people should not deserve to live a life where you are constantly undermined. I personally have not seen you get angry but after all the things I know you have experienced, it is quite normal to get stressed and angry. I would say to find a way to calm down somehow. Find a partner, a confidante, a friend, a hobby, meditate- the options are limitless. Whatever works for you to get peace in your life, do it.

Give it some time and everything will be fine. I just know it. You have nothing to worry about. There is a plan for all of us and you have so much to contribute to this world. You matter and you will make a difference, I am not just saying these things to you to boost your ego; I think that these are things you need to hear because you deserve to be appreciated. I know you are used to people saying hurtful things to you and treating you badly but learn to be grateful for all the wonderful things in your life as well. You have a wonderful family, a great education, and caring friends. They are all here for you. You have such great morals and values and you will have a positive influence on those around you.

Keep your passion alive and never give up.