An Open Letter To Women: Don't Waste Your Magic

carefree woman dancing in the...
carefree woman dancing in the...

I'm absolutely obsessed with women. There's something beautiful about every single one of us. Female movement is alluring and mysterious, our bodies soft and smooth and the feminine touch is profoundly healing.

Our bodies birth life, whether we physically do so or not, this creative ability is a part of you and I. We are Divine creators with the gift of intuition. We are supreme lovers and our compassion can be palpable. Women were born to love and uplift those in our presence and raise the World. Consider the intensity of our emotional spectrum and the energetic potentiality of the womb. We are MAGIC.

Here's the thing, while ALL of this is true. Not all of us have activated this incredible power. The unshakable power of the Divine Feminine lies dormant in some women throughout their entire lifetime. How does this happen? Through the misuse of our magic.

You see, many women forget our truth. Society has conditioned us to forget and to suppress the wild and primal woman, that woman is fierce. She is tuned into her body, she feels when a person doesn't belong in her life or when a business decision isn't well suited.

With these superpowers coded in our DNA how and why are so many of us still wounded? I've asked and I have experienced this personally, my perspective is that far too many ladies misuse this "gift" of unconditional love and it results in suffering.

You see, for the most part we are taught to look outside of ourselves for love, to look, dress and behave a certain way in order to be worthy of love. So we begin the journey to "find" love. Along this path we are directing this energetic equivalent of fairy dust, unconditional love, towards a man/woman who may not want it. This results in hurt because we want our fairy dust a.k.a our love to be treasured, received and seen. But they don't and we wonder, is my dust even magical? Maybe that woman is more magical than I. There's just something about her. And we let this dim our shine, we begin to fall out of love with ourselves and we forget about our power.

Just because we as women were born with a greater tolerance for pain to endure child birth does not mean we should inflict pain and abuse upon ourselves. Hell NO. Yes, our hearts can break wide open and then give more and more love. Yes, we are capable. But let's stop breaking our own hearts through loving people who are not meant for us and begin to love ourselves as if our lives depended on it, because your life does depend on it.

Remember your truth. You are creative Goddess. You are one with the Cosmos. Within you is a genius, unlimited potential, but you must tune in and believe this in order to stop bringing pain into your own life and blocking your blessings.

Why is it that so many women will show up so beautifully and boldly for someone who isn't receiving us? And we sit with this, we feel rejection and pain. We think about that person, what if and why, utilizing our precious energy and create negative thought patterns.

What if we intentionally redirected that unconditional love, that warrior feminine who is willing to fight for what she loved... and unconditionally love ourselves? What if we honored our dreams and visions with even a taste of that kind of love. That relentless, focused passion would change the World. That is what you are capable of.

How do I know this? Because I learned to love myself six years ago, but unconditional love, that was far more recent. I loved the wrong men, I numbed myself, cocktails were my ticket to fleeting freedom, I was jealous of other women, I compared myself, I thought I needed validation or permission or a certificate from another human to give this human (ME) the okay to make great change or simply to be great.

Then I woke up from that nightmare and realized I don't need permission! I AM GREAT. I AM POWERFUL. I AM WOMAN.

My magic does work, I needed to activate my own power by directing this magic inward. Learning to love my sensual movement, although i never considered myself to be a dancer. To love my big forehead because I must have a bigger brain, obviously! I am intentional about what enters my body, that includes men, because I know it's sacred. I never did get the certificates, but I do respect, admire and follow the teachings of many extraordinary thought leaders. And guess what? I've given myself the permission to change the World, I work on it everyday. When you align with your highest self, standing in your feminine power, you will undoubtedly attract the right friends, lovers and opportunities.

My sisters, know this, our focus creates our reality. YOU are a Divine Creative Goddess brought into the World to create lasting change. I ask that you nurture that light within and grow that flame to the point where you are felt in a room without your words. Use your magic to light up the world, we need you.

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