An Open Letter To Writing Geniuses Struggling to Believe in Themselves

Have you ever faced the empty page and you wonder how in the world you stumbled into writing?

You look at yourself and start to think you're a phony. A copycat who shouldn't have picked up a pen to scribble a thing?

Because you're faced with a blank page and you're just blank?

It happens to most writing geniuses; everyone who has ever been considered great writers.

They didn't become great because they wrote every time they wanted.

They were great because they stuck it out; admitting their identities as writers and showing up regularly to honour the profession.

And you?

You're a genius.

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

You may struggle to write on some days.

You may find yourself drenched in the horror of writer's block.

Your texts, as you bang them out on the screen, may not make sense some times.

Still, you're a genius.

And it's because of this:

What you do cannot be done by every body.

Not every human has the discipline to sit down to write.

Not everyone has the brain to string sensible, clear, and compelling sentences together.

But you can.

You can make a reader squirm over your works. You can elicit anger at wrongs in your readers. You can make people do your bidding through comments just by the way you write.

You're not forceful. Not 'brash'. Not 'nitpicking'. You just prod readers along to make something better of themselves.

You're a genius, my dear.

The world may not be crowding at your door right now.

The clients may not be proliferating your inbox with writing offers.

You may not have earned six figure with your writing skill just yet.

But you write everyday.

You write when you feel like and when you don't.

You write whether it's convenient or not.

On a commute to your day job? You write.

On a picnic with members of your church? You squeeze out time to write.

On a date with your sweetheart? She doesn't notice you sneaking a few writing ideas onto your phone.

You do these --- paying the price that lets you grow your writing craft --- because you love the art of writing.

You're a genius, my dear.

Can I be truthful with you:

I am not the best writer out here.

I don't even rank as one of the best.

I am not a cousin to Jon Morrow and William Faulkner isn't my forbear.

But you see, just like most experts would admit,

no one is an expert.

Ask the best of the best writers, they'll tell you they're improving.

They'll tell you they still struggle somewhat everyday.

Mary Fernandez wishes she could learn to tell better stories even though she has published several epic guest posts.

Stephen King still writes 2000 words everyday. Just so he can keep up the writing game.

Legendary copywriter, Eugene Schwartz, would sit on certain days, unable to write a thing. But he'll sit there, seeping coffee and waiting to get something on to the page.

The point of this?

All writers have their struggles.

Maybe it's finding their voice.

Maybe it's creating time to write.

Maybe it's learning to manipulate the Muse to give creative ideas.

Maybe it's fighting the Resistance to get some writing done daily.

Whichever way, the struggle is what strengthens the writing muscle. It's what keeps us coming to the blank page.

The fact that we can always get better at this, no matter the applause or criticism we got for our last publication.

This is what keeps us going.

So you're a genius, my dear, if you're also in the struggle.

This struggle to fight the Resistance.

This struggle to overwhelm the Muse everytime.

This struggle to always get the written words out of you everyday.

If you do this and are ever eager to return to fight again and again, you're a genius.

And don't let anybody convince you otherwise.

You may not have the wit of a lawyer. You may not be skilled at the knives like doctors. Academicians may mock the way you spin your words.

But most come to you to write or edit their dissertations.

Your church folks couldn't publish a thing unless they've had your input on it.

Those clients may claim to be too busy to write themselves. But the truth is, they don't have the talent to string words together that would make sense or, worse, save their business from failing.

So they come to you...but lie to cover up their helplessness.

You see, without you, most online businesses will go under.

The pot-bellied executives who attended big events to show off the huge figures their web businesses are reeling in will never admit that it took the talents of great writers to get them there.

Yes, they would take the credit for the success because they paid for your writing service, but their business will be a strand in a heap if you hadn't tendered your talent.

You're a genius, my dear.

And yes, let's admit it:

You may not have written something worth dying for.

Your writings may not have gotten all the big jobs and attentions you want.

The last person who read your work may have tagged it 'slimy and scummy'.

But you wrote that still.

You managed to get the words out of you even when it was not convenient; even when you knew it was rough and crappy.

You're better than the one who's wishing he would be a writer but has never written a thing.

Be happy, you're a genius.

Just like every profession,

you don't get better in a day.

You don't become the best overnight.

You commit to it, practising whether it's convenient or not, and soon, you start to see your skill shining through.

If you treat writing the same way --- like a job you resume to everyday and do --- you will see the best come out of you.

Whatever level you find yourself, however, realise that you're a genius. Because not everyone has your talent.

Not everyone has your experience.

Not everyone can write your message the way you can.

Hemingway has still style.

Faulkner has his, too.

One day, with earnest commitment to growing your writing skill, your own style will evolve, as well.

It may take a while.

You may have to cry, and whine and grind oftentimes.

But if you do not give up, if you do not forget that not everyone has the talent that you have, you will come out better.

And what's more?

You will be fulfilled. Because that is what doing what we love is all about: attaining fulfillment regardless whether we are paid for it or get attention for it.

So, hit the writing desk everyday with such enthusiasm and pride.

Face the screen daily with zeal and encouragement in your heart.

Understand that what you have isn't available to everyone.

And always, ALWAYS learn to remind yourself as it is often tempting to forget.

You. Are. A. Genius.

Go get some writing done.

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