An Option to Get in Touch With a Massage Habit

An Option to Get in Touch With a Massage Habit
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A massage is something that should be included as part of a healthy routine on a regular basis to promote overall wellness. Yet many people think massages are simply an occasional treat and don't consider - or even realize - the benefits of massage therapy.

Yes, it is more than just a treat; it's one of those simple healthy habits to have. The main benefit of a massage is obviously stress reduction and can also help many people deal with pain, depression, and even issues from cancer treatment. Getting massages was an integral part of my cancer treatment in 2014.

When you get a massage, you are basically improving the circulation in your body through the physical touch...manipulation of soft tissue...and chemicals are released as part of the body's response to relaxation.

There are many services and apps available that allow you to schedule massages. But one of the main reasons people don't get therapeutic massages on a regular basis is because they have to be scheduled well in advance. I'm guilty of using that as an excuse myself.

Wouldn't it be nice if there was an on-demand app for scheduling a massage and then a certified massage therapist shows up in about an hour where you are, at that moment? There is one available now and it's called Soothe.

An on-demand service like this can benefit many people:

  • Those that travel a lot
  • Stay-at-home moms with younger children
  • Office workers
  • Those that don't plan ahead and like to be spontaneous
  • Another perk is that you wouldn't have to drive home with that "massage drunk" feeling afterward.

I wanted to learn more about the story behind Soothe and had the chance to briefly speak with the founder and CEO, Merlin Kauffman. His idea to start this business came after having a difficult time scheduling massages while on the road and traveling. (He thanked me for having a conversation that was actually about massages and not about running the business.)

Soothe currently has over 3000 licensed massage therapists in 25 different metro-area cities, including the Atlanta area where I'm located. Each city that Soothe operates in has an office that recruits and supports the independent massage therapists.

There are currently four main types of massages provided: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Prenatal. There is also an option to customize a massage based on your personal needs. MassageTherapy gives more detail on the different types of massages out there.

It's great that Soothe offers chair-massage programs that are customized for corporate wellness programs as well. This is a significant way to provide stress reduction at work, increase productivity, and incorporate that massage habit. Another benefit for the employees is that the cost is subsidized by a wellness program.

As a caregiver myself, it's important to remember that you can't take care of others if you don't take care of yourself first.

No more excuses. When's the last time you had a massage?

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