An Overlooked Hate Sermon by Rev. Hagee

As everyone is concentrating on the loathsome things that Rev. Hagee has said about New Orleans, or gay people, or Muslims, or Catholics, his more radical views on the poor and his encouragement of violence in Christianity has been overlooked.

Get a load of the hateful things Reverend Hagee had to say on those issues in the video below:

I call this a hate sermon by Reverend Hagee. I'm not sure what else you can call it when they guy is shouting maniacally at poor people to "Starve!" and encouraging others to die before they compromise on (Hagee's view of) Christianity.

This is the man John McCain is proud to be endorsed by? And we're having conversation about Rev. Wright while this is out there? Obama has repudiated Wright. Will McCain give a similar 45 minute speech explaining his relationship to hateful evangelical preachers like Rev. Hagee? I'm waiting.