Ana Gasteyer Has 'No Idea' If She'll Return To 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

It sounds like she'd love to be a part of it.

HBO’s "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is finally coming back. After a nearly five-year hiatus, the network announced last week that creator and star Larry David is ready to return to the show for a ninth season

David has always been open to the prospect of revisiting the series, which aired its last original episode in September 2011. But now that it's official, it's only a matter of time before rumors about upcoming episodes start brewing. 

Ana Gasteyer, of "Saturday Night Live" fame, played David's girlfriend Jennifer in Season 8. But during a chat with The Huffington Post for AOL Build on Tuesday, she said she hasn't heard anything about a return for the latest installment -- at least not yet.

"I have no idea," Gasteyer said when asked if she would be in Season 9. "Certainly, you would probably hear before I would."

Still, if she had it her way, it seems Gasteyer would love to work with David and the show's brilliant writers again. 

"It kind of exists in its own space and time, which just, Larry is a genius and those guys, I don't know if David Mandel and those guys are still going to be writing on it, but they're geniuses -- geniuses!"

Plus, she agreed that fans of "Curb" might want to catch up with one memorable character from Season 8.

"I think America would love to see Greg again," she joked of her on-screen son, played by Eddie Schweighardt. "I'm sure he's developing into quite a man."

For the actress, who currently stars in Netflix's "Lady Dynamite," this new age of entertainment is thrilling.

"It's almost like we're dealing with television like reading a novel," Gasteyer said, referencing the binge-watching trend. "I would much rather inhale an entire series over a three- or four-day period than sort of smatter along over a 9-month period when there's only 22 episodes."

"I don't mind waiting week to week to week, you know, for 'American Ninja Warrior' results or what have you," she joked. "I don't mind the anticipation of that, but I don't like [shows] being broken up ... You lose the thread so quickly and it's hard."

Also, as Gasteyer posits, this TV structure lends itself to an amazing work schedule.

"Mostly on a practical level, I could not be more excited about a world in which I work two and a half months on one thing and I'm done with it and then I can go make another album or work with a friend and write something new or hang out with my kids," she said. "I like sort of a snack mentality toward my work." 

Check out Ana Gasteyer's latest snack, "Lady Dynamite," streaming on Netflix now and watch her full AOL Build segment below. 



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