Ana Navarro Calls Out GOP: You'd Impeach Hillary Clinton Over This

CNN commentator says Republicans are "missing" their spine.

CNN political commentator Ana Navarro responded with contempt for her own party after The Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump had allegedly revealed “highly classified” information to Russian officials.

Navarro, a Republican strategist who has been a vocal opponent of Trump’s rise in the conservative movement, summed up Congressional Republicans’ subdued reaction to the report with two tweets:

Republicans, especially Trump and his surrogates, routinely criticized 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for using a private email server while on the campaign trail, arguing that the former secretary of state mishandled classified information.

“The almost crazy irony of this is that it’s what the Republicans tied around Hillary Clinton’s neck for a couple of years about her email, saying that by using a private server, she would expose highly classified information to the world,” MSNBC host Chris Matthews said on Monday. “In this case, [Trump’s] giving it to the Russians first hand.”

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt agreed with Matthews, and railed against his own party for “a real dereliction of duty” addressing what he called the president’s “ineptitude” and “dishonesty.”

“It’s shocking,” Schmidt said.