Ana Navarro Blasts ‘Entitled Little Brat’ Donald Trump Jr.

The political commentator said the president's eldest son was trying to "hold on to the fame of his father" to stay relevant.

Republican strategist Ana Navarro slammed “entitled, rich, spoiled little brat” Donald Trump Jr. on Wednesday night after the president’s eldest child likened the proposed border wall to a zoo fence.

The political commentator told CNN’s Chris Cuomo she believed Trump was “echoing his father, who demonizes immigrants,” when he made the comparison in a now-deleted Instagram story.

Comparing the 41-year-old to the hapless Fredo Corleone character in “The Godfather,” Navarro said Trump’s latest controversy was another attempt “to hold on to the fame of his father” and “have some level of relevancy.”

“This is an entitled, rich, spoiled little brat whose only call to fame is being his daddy’s son, who hasn’t built anything of his own, who hasn’t done anything of his own,” she said. “He didn’t even make the cut that his brother-in-law and sister did to be part of the Oval Office and the White House staff. Daddy kept Fredo back home.”

Watch Navarro on “Cuomo Prime Time” in the clip below:

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