Ana Navarro Shuts Down Donald Trump Supporter Who Told Her To Stop Talking


There aren’t enough 🔥  emojis in the world to properly describe what happened when a surrogate for Donald Trump told CNN commentator Ana Navarro to stop criticizing the president.

Of former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s relationship with Russia, Navarro said that, “there is a mounting level of evidence here that should be troublesome to every single American regardless of party.” Flynn resigned Monday night over potentially illegal discussions he had with the Russian ambassador last year. The White House has admitted to knowing about those conversations for weeks before the retired general stepped down.

“Why hasn’t Republican leadership” investigated the allegations, said Navarro, a former GOP strategist. “We’ve known about this for so long.”

Navarro then began to criticize Trump over his comments on Russian President Vladimir Putin. But Matt Schlapp, a Trump supporter and former George W. Bush staffer, cut her off.

“Stop, stop,” Schalpp said.

“Don’t tell me to stop,” Navarro responded. 

“You’re the one yelling at me, Matt,” she said after he complained she was yelling. “You’re the one telling me to stop. You’re talking to the wrong girl, Matt. You’re talking to the wrong girl. You can say stop to somebody else, you’re not going to stop me, baby!”

Watch the exchange in the video above.



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