Anastasia Ashley, Twerking Surfer, Imitates Kim Kardashian In Swimsuit Pose (PHOTO)

Twerking Surfer Channels Kim Kardashian

Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley twerked her way into the public consciousness over the summer. A tweet of her imitating Kim Kardashian might help keep her there.

Ashley, a part-time model, strikes the same pose in a swimsuit similar to what Kardashian wore in her "no filter" Instagram photo that electrified the Web this week.

"She is just having fun and enjoying herself," an Ashley rep told The Huffington Post.

Ashley, runner-up at this year's Pipeline Women's Pro, was filmed in August doing a booty-shaking warmup dance at the Supergirl Pro in Oceanside, Calif., and she reaped considerable attention for it.


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