News Anchor's Rant Against Snow-Covered Patio Furniture Pictures Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Last Thursday, Denver's KUSA-TV news anchor Kyle Clark begged viewers to stop sending in pictures of their snow-covered patio furniture.

He began with this very important message:

"Good afternoon Colorado. Listen. You know I love you. But it is time that we had a talk about your snow-covered patio furniture. Why is it that every time it snows we whip out photos of our patio sets like we're showing off baby photos of our kids?"

Clark pointed out the irony of living in one of the most beautiful snow-covered states in the country but still choosing to photograph a chair in the backyard.

"Is that really the best we can do?" Clark asked.

Since airing, the video has gone viral and Clark's rant seems to have backfired as people continue to send in even more patio furniture pictures:

Touché. But in all fairness, he did ask for it:

Cue the inspirational music, and watch the video above for Clark's hilarious and outrageous speech on why sending him pictures of your patio furniture after a storm makes absolutely no sense at all.

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