Anchor Says Sex Toys Are Why Amazon Is Worth More Than Walmart

“They’re trying to eat breakfast!”

This is why certain news anchors shouldn't do unscripted business analysis.

John Potter, a reporter for KTVN Channel 2 in Reno, Nevada, was listening to colleague Andi Guevara report recently on how Amazon had surpassed Walmart in value. So he chimed in with his, um, interesting theory.

"You know why? 'Cause they sell sex toys and Walmart can't or won't sell sex toys," he said.

Guevara's stunned reaction is a hoot ...

News 2 Blooper: Amazon vs. WalMart

... As is her follow-up line. "They're trying to eat breakfast," she said, referring to viewers.

Potter addressed his cringe-worthy moment on Facebook on Sunday, writing, "Oh how I love a job where your not-so-great moments go viral for all to see. You might as well comment ... everyone else has! I'm struck at how many are shocked at this but are ok with the daily stabbing/shooting/domestic violence mugshot morning parade."

Watch the exchange above.

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