Anchovy Recipes: 22 Surprisingly Tasty Takes On The Fish

They don't have to be gross!

Note to nutritionists: We get it -- Anchovies are pretty much classified as super foods. We know they're brimming with vitamin A, calcium and potassium. We also know that, except for a lucky few, most people find their flavor akin to a mouthful of saltwater. Which is why we've scrounged around for some truly tasty anchovy recipes that distract from the fish's normally pungent aroma.

The anchovies don't have to be the stars of the show. Staples as simple as caesar salad incorporate them without the fishy hassle. If you do enjoy the way anchovies taste, we've got recipes for that too, including tapas, pizzas and crispy anchovies.

Check out these 22 delicious anchovy recipes for a fresh outlook on the healthy, salty fish:

Broccoli Pasta Toss

Anchovies Can Be Delicious Too

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