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Ancient Chinese Jade Stone Treatments Can Provide Natural Facelift Benefits

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If you have ever had insomnia and found yourself channel surfing late at night, you'll likely have seen those half hour ads with products that claim to tighten up your jawline and neck so that they look ten years younger than they actually are. And you likely said, sure, but since I'm not an award winning actress or a famous model, I guess I'll just put a scarf around my neck and go on with my day.

A few weeks ago I started on an anti-aging rejuvenation treatment series called Jade Stone Face and Neck Rejuvenation. The treatments are based on an ancient traditional Chinese medicine technique that utilizes a specially designed jade stone tool to massage and manipulate the muscles and fasciae of the face and neck while stimulating acupuncture energy points of the face, neck and head. It is designed to normalize the flow of qi and blood to the face, neck and head while promoting lymphatic drainage. And you know what? We all need lymphatic drainage. Not only that, but the treatments really do tighten the jawline and neck and reduce the signs of age. I can say the treatments definitely work from my own experience and even after one treatment I saw immediate improvement. The reported anti-aging beauty benefits of the treatments include refinement of the brow, cheek and jawline contours, reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, dark eye circles, puffy eyes, age spots or discolorations, as well as improvement in the overall appearance and vitality of the complexion.

Gloria Provitola has studied acupuncture, Chinese herbology, Chi Nei Tsang and massage for many years, but only recently started to offer the Jade Stone treatments for health and beauty. Provitola says, "In traditional Chinese medicine health, beauty, a peaceful mind and calm spirit go together. The anti-aging treatments of traditional Chinese medicine that address face and neck rejuvenation can also be used to treat a number of health concerns of the head and neck. Sometimes patients come for the Jade Stone treatment for a health concern and receive anti-aging rejuvenation as a side benefit. Others come for beauty and find that they no longer have sinus problems, headaches, TMJ syndrome or other head and neck problems. Health and beauty go together." Her patients who have had the chance to experience the Jade Stone treatments either for health concerns or for its anti-aging rejuvenation beauty benefits have been extremely pleased with the results. I spoke to a few for this article.

Jade Stone photo used with permission

Virginia, 49, said, "It has been a whole week since I received this great service and I have to say that I continue to be amazed at the results. Directly after the session, the fine lines around my eyes and mouth were gone and my skin looked radiant! I expected that the next day all the lines would creep back in but they didn't. Now a week later, some of the lines are now visible, but still significantly less and my skin continues to look very healthy."

Jeffrey, age 65, told me that his face seems ten years younger after a short series of treatments and his sinus congestion of many months is no longer a problem. "My sinuses are now wide open, the sinus-based headaches are gone, and I have actually forgotten I used to have the problem." Wendy, 41, felt the treatment to be very relaxing and helped to lessen the tension in her jaw due to TMJ. She also noticed her skin appeared smoother and brighter. Victoria, 61, reported that her facial tension started to fade and she began to see a freshness and calmness in her facial area. Jill, 38, told me "the deep work of the jade stone released the tightness that I normally hold in my neck and jaw area. My skin felt wonderful and I noticed an immediate reduction in fine lines around my lower eyes, the sides of my eyes and my mouth." Another reported benefit of the Jade Stone treatments is an increase in vitality as reported by Al, age 65: "Even after just one Jade Stone treatment, I experienced an increase in energy, and found my focus and attention to be improved."

The Jade Stone treatments are a perfect choice for those who want to reduce the signs of aging that, no matter what, affect us all eventually. Provitola requires a free consultation before beginning the Jade Stone treatments. The number of treatments and timing of treatments varies depending upon the specific needs of individuals and their concerns. Patients are advised to consult a physician regarding any condition or conditions for which they are seeking acupuncture and other Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities such as the Jade Stone treatments. She also stresses that there is no guarantee that everyone will benefit from these treatments. Some individuals respond differently and some many benefit more than others, and some not at all.

For more information please visit Ms. Provitola's website to read more about the Jade Stone Treatment series and other modalities.

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