Ancient Secrets on Love and Healing from Master Healer, Dr. Pankaj Naram

Ancient Secrets on Love and Healing from Master Healer, Dr. Pankaj Naram
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"It was one of the most frightening, disorienting, and challenging experiences of my life," Dr. Pankaj Naram said.

Dr. Naram was in Nepal, on the second floor of a hotel when one of the big earthquakes hit. He witnessed the panic around him as the ground started shaking, things falling off the walls, ceilings crumbling and hitting people on the head, everyone frantically rushing outdoors to save their lives. In the aftermath Dr. Naram saw the massive widespread destruction, the shock people experienced, and the great needs of those left stranded without home, shelter, basic sanitation, food, water, or medical care.

Can you imagine being in a natural disaster area yourself?

Can you picture and feel the impact it might have on you and others physically, mentally, and emotionally?

There were so many in Nepal who suffered direct injuries during the quakes, and countless more who got sick or hurt through negative side-effects of the damage (e.g. bites from ants, spiders and other insects that behaved abnormally, infected bites from frightened dogs, and snakes that got stirred from out of the ground, poor sanitation with lack of toilets, polluted water sources, diseases spreading, open wounds, illnesses, anxiety, asthma attacks, heart problems, lack of food and power, disrupted infrastructure, etc). Emergency medical systems could never respond to the immense demand. Hospitals and medical facilities were damaged, overfilled, and turning people away.

"In my heart, I knew I must be in Nepal during the earthquake for a reason, and so I started right away to help as many people as possible with whatever secrets of Mother Earth that my master taught me," Dr. Naram explained.

Since then, Dr. Naram has committed himself and his foundation to help anytime there is a natural disaster. "I see so many good people helping in times of need, and my masters encouraged everyone to help, no matter who you are. They taught that whatever good you put out into the world eventually comes back to you when you need it most."

With all the hurricanes, earthquakes, and forest fires of late, Dr. Naram and his foundation have been extremely busy.

"Can you help me, Dr. Naram?" a man from the Caribbean island of St Martin desperately called. He was reaching out to help his son who was suffering from major diarrhea, in an area severely ravaged after Hurricane Irma had ripped through their country.

Although power was out, this man was lucky enough to get cell phone reception. When it became evident no medical facility was available in his area, his next call was to Dr. Pankaj Naram. What home remedy could Dr. Naram give that would quickly help to resolve the problem?

Another experience Dr. Naram recently helped with was from Texas, from parents who were also worried for their son, but for a different reason. Their son had started experiencing a severe panic and anxiety attack as soon as the water started to creep into their house. He couldn't talk and had difficulty breathing. They found it very difficult to get him to move or cooperate at all, due to the panic. There was no electricity, and phones were out. But then the mother recalled an episode she had recently watched the week before, a daily TV program with Dr. Naram, where he shared something that she thought might help.

Dr. Naram had talked about the shock felt by the children he met in one of the orphanages that was destroyed by the earthquake in Nepal, and the look on their faces of fear and anxiety that brought tears to his eyes. Then he expressed his gratitude for his master who shared with him ancient healing secrets which could really help them. In addition to attending to their wounds and sicknesses, he gave them a home remedy for helping calm the mind. This mother had written down the home remedy, never realizing how soon she would need to use it, or how extremely valuable it would be for her own child.

What would you do if you were stranded without medical help, and either you or someone you love needed a helping hand? Who would you turn to? Would you know how to help yourself?

One CNN article published this week talked about how during the hurricane, rescue workers were not allowed to respond to the 911 calls coming in. Conditions were too dangerous for them to go out, so they had to impatiently wait and watch as calls piled up on the computer screen. At one point four people were in cardiac arrest at the same time, and a boy was struggling with an asthma attack and could not breathe. Many news reports talked about how even hospitals in Houston area ran out of clean water, or were compromised by the flooding and had to be evacuated. These were very similar experiences Dr. Naram had in Nepal.

I shared in the previous two parts of this series how Dr. Naram comes from a lineage of masters from the Himalayas that are specialists in ancient healing. But how does it work?


In a book series and TEDx talk about Dr. Pankaj Naram , and the ancient science behind his healing methods, university researcher Dr. Clint Rogers explains one reason why Dr. Naram is so effective at extending help anywhere in the world. According to the ancient Siddha-Veda healing system, everything can be a medicine or a poison, depending on how you use it.

Dr. Naram says that anything in your kitchen or garden, even water, can be a medicine for many conditions, and a poison for others. You just have to know the characteristics of that thing and how and when to use it. He shared, "Mother Earth, if you really listen to her like my masters did and taught me how to, never leaves us and is always there to give everything you need to heal yourself deeper and deeper."

For example, Dr. Naram shared that in forests anywhere in the world, next to something that might hurt you is almost always a plant that has the remedy or is the antidote. "So then it is just a matter of knowing what to use, when to use it, and how to use it, in what combination with other things to create an alchemy that can magnify the impact and deepen the healing."

In the cases of those calling him from natural disaster areas, he had to make use of whatever they already had in their home. And if one ingredient was not available then he had to improvise with something else that had a similar property or characteristic. Here are some of the home remedies he gave, which I highly suggest you record and keep handy, not just for emergencies, but for anytime you may need them…

For calming the mind (which can help with anxiety/panic/PTSD), Dr. Naram shares this powerful Ancient Healing Home Remedy*:

• ½ tsp ghee (clarified butter)

• 1 thread saffron

• 3 pinches of nutmeg

Mix and warm in some kind of heat, if you have access to heat. Otherwise, use as it is. Put two drops in each nostril two times a day.

Once power and cell phone reception were restored, the family in Texas who used this ancient home remedy for their son called Dr. Naram to thank him, saying it worked so quickly. Their son became calmer, relaxed, and began to communicate and cooperate effectively. They were overwhelmed with gratitude.

Another big problem in natural disasters like this is contagious bacterial infections spread through stagnant water or bad food, like Cholera, which causes severe watery diarrhea, which according to WebMD can lead to dehydration and even death if untreated. Dr. Naram said his ancient texts contained a great solution. In ancient times, his masters faced this same kind of challenges & recorded this solution. The Ancient Healing Home Remedy* for bacterial infections (to boost immunity and help fight infection) to give those affected is:

• ½ tsp turmeric

• 11 basil leaves

• ¼ tsp black pepper

• 1 tsp honey

Mix and take 2 to 3 times daily.

Dr. Naram always encourages people in emergencies to contact 911, and consult with their physicians if at all possible. "I have the greatest respect for those who have become doctors. So many are my dear friends and students, and I learn a great deal from them seeing how devoted and committed they are to helping others."

One of Dr. Naram's best students, Dr. Giovanni Brincivalli, MD, from Italy, said he was initially very curious by the results he saw from people Dr. Naram was helping, results that were difficult for western medicine to achieve. Then when Dr. Brincivalli started really learning from Dr. Naram, he says he gained a new way of seeing things - a different perspective, capacity, and confidence to help his own patients to experience more deep and lasting results in a range of chronic and acute health challenges that he wasn't able to do before. For example, in one emergency when someone was experiencing dangerously high blood pressure numbers, Dr. Brincivalli chose to use some ancient healing secrets he learned from Dr. Naram which he says helped save that person's life.

Everyone may or may not face natural disasters, but all of us will face big challenges at some point. Dr. Naram says his master taught him a golden insight for facing any challenge. His master told him, when you can get over the initial shock and look closer to those challenges you will be surprised to see this secret:

"Every adversity, difficult situation, or heartbreak - has within it the seeds of equal or greater benefit." ~Baba Ramdas

What is one blessing that can come from the challenges facing you?

Dr. Naram encourages you now with all the things happening in the world, to take notice and be prepared for any life challenge or natural disaster that may come to you. Included in your preparations, he strongly encourages you to create your own Ancient Healing Emergency Kit, and know how to use it. (Spoiler alert, this is a gift for you at the end of this article, if you would like it)


Early on when Dr. Naram gained some fame in India for being able to help very challenging chronic and acute health cases like infertility, coma, cancer, diabetes, heart challenges, arthritis, autism, vitiligo, psoriasis, liver, kidney problems, and so on, Mother Teresa discovered him and started to send people she knew were in desperate need of help to him. Dr. Naram told me one of the greatest experiences of his life was working with Saint Mother Teresa in this way, and he shared one invaluable life secret he learned from it that I found profound. "As a healer," he said, "you can give someone all the right things to do, methods and procedures, and they may or may not follow them and get better. But Mother Teresa taught me by her example that one of the greatest gifts you can give anyone as a healer is"

Dr. Naram said, "look at how even Mother Earth is giving us so much love -- in the plants and herbs she freely gives us, with so much power to nourish, nurture, and heal us. As healers, the one million dollar question we can ask is, how can I better love those who come to me like a mother would?"

From what I understood, Dr. Pankaj Naram's Seva Foundation has a couple of main purposes. At the encouragement of his master and Mother Teresa, Dr. Naram's mission is to help preserve and protect Mother Earth (the forests, lands, water resources, and precious life-saving herbs that are at risk now), as well as the ancient knowledge recorded in ancient texts on how to best respect and use them.

The second mission he is working so hard on is how to make the world's best herbs and herbal products available and affordable to everyone. Dr. Naram said his personal dream is to help share the benefit of ancient healing (Mother Earth's healing secrets, like home remedies, herbal remedies, diet, etc.) to every home and every heart on earth, and with all the love that's embedded in them.

"To love someone unconditionally," Dr. Naram said, "for exactly who they are, and to love them as a mother would, can help bring people very deep and lasting healing." He explained that when people feel deeply loved, they are much more likely to actually make the changes they need to - such as in food, diet, lifestyle - in order to remove the blocks and rebalance their system to experience physical, mental, and emotional health and bliss.

This really touched my heart as the message of love, loving yourself and others, is one of the core messages in my own books: The SoulMate Checklist and Your Body, Your Style as well as in my TEDx talk: Is Your Body Image Holding You Back?

And it relates so much to the priceless gift I want to share with you now...


What is one of the most priceless gifts you can give yourself and others? Well, at the beginning of this 3-part series I told you that I would introduce you to a project that would touch your heart. During the earthquakes in Nepal, the Dr. Pankaj Naram Seva Foundation helped rebuild one of the orphanages in the area which had completely crumbled to the ground.

Some of those who helped raise money were kids who came from Houston, Texas, in areas now impacted badly by the hurricanes. When the Nepal kids found out, one orphan said, "we don't have money, but we can still help!" In a recorded message to their friends in Houston, Jivan said, "You helped us when we were scared, and our home destroyed. Now that you are in a bad situation, we want to help you."

But how could they help? The very first idea one of the children had was to pray. And immediately they prayed for over 20 minutes straight for their friends and all who were in need. They kept praying until one adult stopped them.

What other amazing and inspiring things did the orphan kids do? You can watch and enjoy right now this short 2-minute video, which brought tears to my eyes, and discover how the beautiful orphan children of the Dada Gaun Mountain Children's Home and the Kathmandu Suicide Prevention Program & Children's Home, are giving back and inspiring people all over the world with their selfless love…

When sharing this experience, Dr. Naram reminded me of the secret Mother Teresa taught him about what kind of giving can make the most difference. He said, "Like Saint Mother Teresa, if you give, then give with love!" Dr. Naram said his master taught him when you give like this, there is healing for both the giver and the receiver. That whatever good you do in the world, it eventually comes back to you and often when you need it most.

In this video, you see that as part of the orphans' project to help their friends and everyone affected by the hurricanes, they have created “Love Bracelets” to send to you in supporting and helping any in need right now. One of the orphan kids said that although he misses his own mother and her love very much, many other people have shown him so much love that he can still feel his mother's love through them. This is the kind of love the orphans want all people to be able to feel through having one of these priceless “Love Bracelets”. You can receive one by helping in this cause, and by wearing it always remember you are loved.

Follow this link to discover how you can join these orphans in helping others, how to get one of your own "Love Bracelets", and at the same time help these kids to continue to thrive and spread love:

The Dr. Pankaj Naram Seva Foundation will ensure that your money is used in the best way possible, and aside from the nominal expenses of the bracelet materials and shipping and handling expenses, 100% will go to those in need.

Dr. Naram's heart was so touched by what these kids were doing that he wanted to add on his own special gift. When you go to this website and give a certain amount, you will get as a priceless gift from Dr. Naram -- a potentially life-saving special Instructional Guide on How to Create Your Own Ancient Healing Emergency Kit. See more info here:

Both Dr. Naram and I encourage you, however, that if you do join us in this effort and give your time, energy, efforts, or money, please do it with love. Give generously, with love, for those affected by the Hurricanes, with love for these beautiful orphan kids, and with love for yourself.

You can learn more and join the project of these precious children now here:

After all, the most valuable ancient secrets about love and healing, according to Dr. Naram, are the ones you learn from your own heart by actually loving and giving of yourself.

*This is a three-part series on how to prepare for any natural disaster and/or life challenge and learn from it, how to protect yourself and your family, and how to come out the other side a better human being. This material is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended as medical advice, for that please consult your physician.

To learn more about the Dr. Pankaj Naram Foundation project and donate/contribute please go here. 100% of your donation goes to the project of the children at this orphanage:

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