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And It's Back! Cuffing Season

Beware to not confuse cuffing season as an opportunity to score a serious relationship. Cuffing season is strictly for people looking for a temporary winter cuddle buddy.
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It's getting colder out and making your way to a party or club isn't as appealing in the winter as it is in the summer. And for those who like to hibernate, cuffing season is now in full effect. Cuffing season, as most would say, is the sudden urge to have a special someone during the unbearable winter months. It's like the winter version of a summer fling.

Some people try to secure their potential "cuffs" as early as Labor Day by slowly creeping their way into your life through sudden "how are you doing" or "how have you been" text messages. Beware, however, to not confuse cuffing season as an opportunity to score a serious relationship. Cuffing season is strictly for people looking for a temporary winter cuddle buddy. So, if you're looking forward to a season of binge-watching shows and sports-chanting with your cute cuff, here are five tips on how to get you through cuffing season without making a mess.

1. Choose Your Potential Cuff

This takes a lot of consideration. Make sure this person gets the rules of cuffing season and can also hang. This person is someone you can talk to and someone you find attractive. Stay away from choosing exes or someone you've liked for a long time. It's best to choose someone who you just know will never work out in a serious relationship. Ideally, they feel the same way about you. Pay attention to their habits. Do they like watching sports? Are they down for movie nights? Your cuff should want to spend time indoors more often than not. If they're all about going out and partying every weekend (even if it snows) then they are probably not cuff potential.

2. Communicate and Engage

After you've chosen someone, you have to communicate and see where they stand. Just because you chose someone does not mean they know what you want or that they want the same thing. The best way to find out where they stand is to talk to them and feel out their present situation. Usually, someone who just got out of a serious relationship might work for this because they won't want anything serious right away, but they still want to feel the intimacy of having someone. Don't set any rules or expectations. Cuffing season -- isn't a contract; it's an unspoken understanding.

3. Get on the Same Page

There's obviously an evident problem with cuffing season: Emotions can get involved. Spending time watching movies, shows and sports can have an element of romance and it's possible to fantasize a real future with your cuff. Do not make that mistake. If you chose your cuff wisely, you know there's something you could never compromise in order to be in a relationship with this person. Make sure you both know what you are doing and set evident boundaries. Keep it simple though. There's no need to make a cuff "fling" complicated -- it's winter, after all.

4. Enjoy

It's supposed to be fun! Laugh, hug, kiss, and cuddle! If you're not enjoying what you're doing, then you probably shouldn't be doing it in the first place. Cuffing season is not for everyone. Make sure to identify if this is something you can do before you agree to do it.

5. Remember, It's Temporary

If you made it through the winter months, then you're probably approaching March knowing what's next. If you both were on the same page from the beginning then you know it's about to end. Make sure communication dwindles, but not to the point where there are any bad vibes. Keep it friendly and stay in touch infrequently. If all goes well the memories will be sweet and cuffing season went fabulous!