'& other stories' Is Name Of H&M's New Chain (UPDATED)

Name Of H&M's New Chain REVEALED

We had a minor freakout when we heard that H&M, one of the most adored fast-fashion retailers worldwide, would be opening a whole new chain of stores in 2013.

After Women's Wear Daily first reported that the Swedish retailer was plotting a new luxury line, H&M confirmed that it is indeed opening a new set of stores to "broaden its offering" with several locations opening across Europe next year.

Today, the new chain gets a name: "& other stories."

Although H&M reps have been keeping mum, Swedish news outlet Dagens Nyheter reports that trademarks and logos for "& other stories" were registered by a Swedish firm last year. Dagens Nyheter reports that its info was confirmed by Camilla Emilsson-Falk, Head of Media Relations for H&M, who added:

"We see the new chain as a complement to H&M. It will be at a slightly higher price bracket and with a little better quality, but still stay within the framework of our business concept -- fashion and quality at the best price."

The concept -- elevated fast-fashion with high-quality materials -- is super exciting. But we're not so sure about the name. Beginning any sentence, much less a store name, with an ampersand is a bit confusing, not to mention very un-SEO friendly (yes, we care about such things). Plus it lacks the quippy succinctness of "H&M."

How do you feel about the new name?

Read more at on Dagens Nyheter's website (preferably with Google Translate or a helpful Swede nearby) and WWD.com.

UPDATE: An H&M rep would not confirm the name to Fashionista, simply stating, "We do not comment on rumors, at this time we do not have anything else to add." So stay tuned!

UPDATE II, 4/3/12: Confirmed! H&M press officer Håcan Andersson tells AFP, "It is correct that H&M will launch a new chain in 2013 called & other stories, but this is all the available information we have as of today."

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