'And THAT’S That!': Jamaal Bowman Talks About The 'S**tshow,' What's At Stake In 2020

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We’re live, baby! 

For the first episode of our new podcast “And THAT’S That!,” we knew we had to welcome a guest who could match our steez ― someone proudly, loudly and unquestionably Black, unbothered by his haters and with an uncommon amount of energy. We wanted someone whose spirit would help set the tone for the types of wide-ranging convos we’ll be having with y’all each week.

Enter Jamaal Bowman from New York, a rising star of the Democratic Party, a former school principal and ― we should say ― a certified rhyme-spitter.

Bowman, a first-time candidate for Congress and a progressive, rode a wide wave of multiracial support to defeat his opponent, 16-term incumbent Eliot Engel (a very regretful white man), to become the Democrats’ pick to represent New York’s 16th District. And he did it all in true style and slight flex. Bowman’s got that Baldwin-like fire inside him, and he chops it up with us to break down power, the pandemic and Raekwon’s classic album “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.” Check it!

In our debut episode, we also discuss the latest updates in the Breonna Taylor case, the presidential debate shitshow, Wendy verzuz Nene and how Hippolyta teaches us all how to truly support Black women. 

Listen to “And THAT’S That!” below. 


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