'And THAT'S That!': Mental Health During The Looming Lockdown

Therapist Nicola Pierre-Smith joins the hosts to chat about how to protect your mental health as states prepare to lock down this winter to curb the coronavirus.

This week, 鈥淎nd That鈥檚 That!鈥 is joined by licensed therapist Nicola Pierre-Smith, an expert in mental wellness who offers guidance as several states across the nation prepare to impose some form of lockdown to curb the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Pierre-Smith specializes in advising clients who have undergone trauma, and she is the founder of Melanated Women鈥檚 Health, an organization focused on destigmatizing mental health care in Black and brown communities. This year has seen heavy news of all sorts, from endless instances of police shooting Black people, to a deadly pandemic and an election that saw the nation teetering on the brink of autocracy. Many Americans are coping with these traumas while in isolation amid concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. Luckily, Pierre-Smith has tips to help us keep our spirits high during this time.

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