And The Most Offensive Odor Is ...

When all is said and dung, cigarette smoke is the No. 1 worst smell.

A new survey sniffed out the most annoying odors known to Americans -- and cigarette smoke topped the list.

The P.U. poll asked 1,000 Americans to discuss their least and most favorite smells in the home.

Nothing reeked worse than a smoking butt, according to 25% or respondents.

Rounding out the top five of rancidity were a full garbage can, a cat's litter box, mold and mildew, and last night's fish dinner.

On the other hand, or nostril in this case, participants were asked to rank delightful scents.

The people polled picked fresh-brewed coffee as the smell they'd most like to wake up to. That is hardly an amazing coincidence, considering the poll was conducted for Cafe Don Pablo coffee roasters.

The other top household odors include homemade cookies, clean sheets, pot roast and spaghetti sauce.

Surprisingly, the smell of money didn't make the list.

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