And the Oscar Goes to ... Barack Obama!

The Academy Awards are nothing more than an over indulged rich child's gold themed birthday party as their parents in the background keep yelling out: "Good job honey!" It means everything to the parents and the child and virtually nothing to anyone else.

The hotbed political issue for me is not this silly, meaningless, self-promotional out of touch award show, but rather what the actual art of filmmaking in America is reflecting and as far as I can see it's all about narcissism.

Our most famous and admired black actor is Barack Obama which is NOT a diss as I consider him one of the greatest most progressive president we've had since FDR.

To me all politicians are actors, some far better than others.

This year's crop of GOPlayers are basically on the same level as the cast of a primary school (for children with learning disabilities) production of "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying."

Their pandering and posturing, endless lying and hardly veiled attacks on anyone who is not white or evangelical to anyone with a soul is both transparent and brutally insulting.

The fact that their little theater group has become a cage match for bottom feeders is nothing more than amusing to me. They are treating each other the way America ultimately treated Sarah Palin. It's almost too brutal to watch.

But here is the thing: the Oscars the the GOP nomination races are basically the exact same thing. Why do all these painfully amateur actors run when they know they know that they don't have a chance in hell?

Because, like the Oscars, it's not about anything but self promotion. Branding. Getting that name above the title so you can cash in on it.

They will all say anything, do anything, to become famous. Just like any other talentless reality show star in America.

Like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump as we know him simply does not exist. The version that is running is just some made up character who was born and raised on "The Apprentice."

That character was HUGE and a $UCE$$. But the fact is he is no more real than Gilligan Island's very own Thurston Howell III or comic book legend Richie Rich.

America loves a success STORY not a success FACT and that is what they are getting with the spoiled brat who is loving playing the part of the villain simply because, as any Hollywood actor will tell you, playing a villain is much more fun than playing the hero.

Trump is just a member of the Jets (as in West Side Story) who is into the gang life for kicks and who just loves beating the crap out of Latinos.

None of it. Let me repeat: NONE of it is real. He's not a Republican any more than I am. He's not even a liar. He just plays one on TV and being on TV gives him Paddy Chayefsky POWER and it is every bit as thrilling as dominating his pouty, model wife.

And as for President Obama, the way he has been treated by his "academy" is far worse than the way African Americans have been treated by Hollywood.

I have worked as a successful writer in Hollywood for thirty years and all I can say is everyone there begins as a dismissed minority and by age forty you get to be one again. That is the circle of Hollywood life.

There is very little personal regard for writers. In the 40's writers were known as "schmucks with Underwoods." Little has changed.

President Obama has been slammed and insulted for 8 years now. I will never forget when Joe Wilson yelled out "you lie" in Congress. This is why few actors can improvise. Blurting out the truth forces you to break character and in the process reveals the real you.

Academy member and former President President Jimmy Carter said that the outburst was "based on racism. There is an inherent feeling among many in this country that an African-American should not be president." He characterized Wilson's act as "dastardly".

This view was echoed by entertainer and educator Bill Cosby who should know a thing or too about acting...badly.

While the Oscars are nothing more than this year's Fall line of Emperor's clothes, the world of politics has become, well, West Side Story with automatic weapons and personal insults instead of switchblades.

The amazing thing about the President is how he never breaks out of character.

No matter what kind of covert racist bullshit that Mitch McConnell and the other members of his Fox endorsed Sharks gang throw at him, they are always defeated by the President's personal style which is dominated by class and a broad smile.

So in my mind, the Oscar this year for Best Actor should go to our President.

And as for the Award show if you really care about any of that nonsense, then instead of moaning like a street drunk with a cardboard sign, try not throwing money at Hollywood. Stop empowering them and teach instead that they are a minority who should be entertaining you instead of themselves.

Instead of Spike Lee/Jada Pinkett Smith boycotting the pin the tail on the donkey event, try doing what we did in the sixties when we toppled an American president.

Hit them in their wallets.

Force them to clean up their act. Stop endorsing the crap that they throw our way while they pander to the intellectuals every Fall to make it seem like they are doing God's work.

And PS: I worked on "black" shows for a decade: Fresh Prince, Sister, Sister and I co-created The Wayans.

Working on these shows were the best experiences of my working life and not once did any kind of racism play into what we were doing.

Each and every show was its own tribe which was fueled by love and sheer imagination.

That my friends is diversity at it's best.