And the Oscar Goes To...Female Sexual Health!!!

I am a pop culture nut. I am one of those people who knows every star (okay, maybe not the 17 year old YouTube sensations), but all of the biggies – in movies, on Broadway. Suffice it to say that if a person is in People magazine, I know them.

Each year, I look forward to the lifecycle event that is the red carpet viewing, Oscar watching, and real time analysis with my mom, sister and friends. But more importantly, awards season has become a marker for me as a Vagipreneur - when I can see how much progress we are making in the discussion on female sexual health.

So what is the connection? Just a few years ago, our company was excited about a potential big break. Our product for female sexual satisfaction was going to be in the gift bags (you know those celebrity giveaways for people who already have tons of stuff) at a major awards show. Okay, it wasn’t the Oscars, but it was REALLY BIG just the same. We felt as if we had arrived — national coverage, our products in the hands of celebrities, paparazzi — the whole nine yards. BUT, in the final moments, the powers that be decided that our product was inappropriate and might make people uncomfortable. Final ruling — no dice on the gift bag. No red carpet dream come true!! What hypocrites!

But last February – you know the year when the Best Picture announcement was done flawlessly - the airwaves were on fire over the controversy over some items in the gift bags that Distinctive Assets has created and delivered for 15 years. The company describes the bags as a blend of fabulous, fun, quirky and indulgent items meant to thrill and pamper those who may have everything money can buy but still savor the simple joy of a gift. Last year’s inclusion of a device, fiera , designed to enhance physical arousal and increase interest in sex in the Oscar gift bags caused quite a stir. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the ones who give out those golden statuettes) went nuts (code for seeking legal remedy) saying that this product and some others were giving Oscars a bad name. Seriously, Hollywood get over yourself.

And this year, Distinctive Assets created yet another fabulous bag of tricks. The bags contained the standard luxurious offerings, access to a luxury ranch with 18 bedrooms and great food. Or if ranch living was not one’s style, he/she could enjoy “Classic Women’s Week” at The Golden Door spa or spend time at a villa in Kauai. But in the tradition of defying convention, Distinctive Assets also selected Elvie for inclusion in the bag. So what is the big deal? Elvie is described as the small yet powerful exercise tracker for your pelvic floor promising something more lasting than the Oscar news cycle - better core strength, control, and yes, even better sex. Lo and behold the Academy didn’t go nuts. And as a Vagipreneur, I am choosing to believe that there seems to be more comfort with a conversation about female sexual health. I personally am planning to ignore the fact that folks just might be too busy obsessing over the #envelopegate. Can’t wait to see what next year’s bag brings.

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