And the Oscar Goes To... You, for the Best Picture of Healthy Credit

Building healthy credit and maintaining it may not be as glitzy and glamorous as a stroll down the red carpet at the Oscars, but it is an important part of writing and starring in your own healthy financial future. Just as in movie making, there are a lot of moving parts in making a healthy credit score and financial life. So, while you're scoring your Oscar ballot this weekend, consider how you score on my 'academy awards for healthy credit.

Best Picture - How does your credit and financial picture look? Is it the 'best picture' it can be? It's a great habit to get into to check your credit report twice per year. You can get your free credit report at Once you have your report in hand, check it for any errors, accounts or balances you don't recognize. Dispute any incorrect information to the creditor and the credit bureau. Then, clear up any bad debts.

Best Director - Remember that you are in charge of the health of your credit and personal finances. Be the best director of your finances by keeping credit card balances below 20 percent of available credit, paying your bills on time, and having a few but varied types of credit accounts.

Best Screenplay - Having good credit and personal finances that can help you achieve your goals requires having a good plan. Money and credit are tools to help you and your family realize goals like going to college, getting married, and buying a home. Take the time to write out the financial screenplay of your life and assign specific steps to get there.

Best Supporting Actors - Having a strong support system and people around you that will hold you accountable to your goal of healthy credit are critically important to your financial success. Who are your best supporting actors? Share with them your plans and ask them to help hold you accountable and offer inspiration to keep going. As always I'm here to offer inspiration and advice too! Drop me a line if I can help you.

So, enjoy the Oscars this weekend and remember that a taking the right steps to building a healthy credit and financial life will ensure that you enjoying a starring role in your healthy financial future.

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