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And The Survey Says: New Online Dating Study Shows Older Singles Less Likely To Date Outside Their Race

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There seems to be no shortage of dating statistics and surveys this month. Are You Interested? the popular dating app on Facebook surveyed their members to find out that Cougars, the older woman-younger man syndrome, has become more acceptable. Their results showed that 69% of men have dated older women and 76% of women have dated younger men.

Free online dating site OkCupid looked at over a million
of their members and determined that race affected the number of email replies that their members got. Their survey results showed that African American women wrote back more often than other women and white men got more responses. It's of no surprise that white women preferred to date white men.

Today, the latest study from was released which shows that ethnic background is still a factor when meeting singles online. SpeedDate, the world's largest online speed dating site, looked at over 1.7 million dates in an 18-month period to see how age and gender affected the willingness to date outside of one's own ethnicity.

Their study found that over 50 percent of women preferred to date men of their own ethnic background as compared to 42.9 percent of men. Younger aged singles in their 20s were more open to dating outside of their ethnicity. By age 60, 70 percent of women on SpeedDate preferred meeting others exclusively within their own ethnicity, as compared to just 38 percent of men who considered it an important factor.

"We found that young people are more open to dating outside of their race, but we're not surprised given that young people have the time to experiment and are typically more open and adventurous. There is an obvious generational gap, in which societal views have changed over time," stated Simon Tisminezky, co-founder of SpeedDate.

You may be wondering why you should care about all of these surveys and statistics. As Internet dating continues to grow and the choices of services have expanded to thousands of options, singles need to make educated choices on how they spend their spare time while looking for love online.

After all, online dating IS a numbers game.

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