And the Winner of our National Survey on Funniest Drag Queen Name Is...

The results from our national Funniest Drag Queen Name poll are in! With 4,293 votes cast on 40 finalists we finally have our winners:

10. Georgia O'Queef

9. Lois Common Denominator

8. Frida Slaves

7. Sheilita Buffet

6. Ida Dunham

5. Iona Traylor

4. Hedda Lettuce

3. Annie Depressant

2. Helluva Bottom Carter

And the #1 funniest drag queen name goes to.....

Drum roll please!


#1 Eileen Dover!

Ta-Dah! As it happens, Eileen Dover is a real drag queen, operating out of Boston. We found out because someone alerted her to the survey early on when she was losing (you don't want to know what she said to us --let's just say the woman can curse like a World Cup fan).

Congrats, Eileen, you put the fun in pun! Interestingly, only 2 of the top 10 drag queen names in our poll belonged to actual drag queens--Eileen and the legendary Hedda Lettuce. The rest? A figment of gay imagination.

Want to see what Eileen Dover looks like? Click here to see her hilarious videos. And click here to see the names of all 40 contenders in the national survey. Congratulations to all the top ten winners. Even though only two of you are real...

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