And what if all goes to the far-right?

State after state, Donald Trump is winning the primaries. And yet, most of the people still repeat - he cannot win the general elections. But, what if the sensation happens, and the controversial billionaire wins the primaries, and later the general elections? What if the electoral system in the USA, created as to keep the election system under the strict control of the political parties, finally cedes, bringing the super rich showman in the White House?

What if, in parallel, the last protector of the reason within the EU, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel loses elections, like she lost the three provinces in the latest regionals (with the surprising success of the far-right party) - showing that Germans do not approve her welcoming policies towards the refugees.

What if, in France, following the trend, Marine Le Pen sizes the power? What if the recent terrorist attacks (in Paris and Brussels) filled an almost full cup of French intolerance, and the National Front receives the mandate to lead the country.

What if, in such a chaotic atmosphere, the United Kingdom decides to leave the EU...? What if the British vote to leave the Union in the upcoming referendum, and finally put an end to this long-lasting agony between the island and the continental Europe - the two worlds that often do not understand each other very well.

And the world party continues with the Greece, finally crushed by austerity measures, creating a political limbo with the Golden Down hunting the opponents through the streets of Athens... Accordingly, the same happens to Portugal.

The refugees remain stuck in Balkan countries, unable to cross the fences to the EU... The refugee sea lines to Spain and Italy reopen creating another pressure on their governments. And in Turkey, Sultan Erdogan, in his anger and the call of the Ottomans, decides to end with Kurds and Assad ones for all, infuriating Putin, who sends his troops to teach his former friend a lesson, and the war starts.

Following that path, Saudi Arabia, and Iran decide to settle their problems in the old Westerner fashion - by war, provoking a conflict between Shia and Sunni throughout the Middle East. And Daesh successfully exports its war in Libya and elsewhere...

In that case, China, which needs a peaceful and economically growing international environment, to redefine its economic path, would have to reconsider its policies, and Xi Jinping could decide what his predecessors from the Ming dynasty decided some 500 years ago - to destroy the ships, and close the Middle Kingdom.

So many - if, and undesirable events that now seem so possible. And, the above-determined order is random, as all these events could happen randomly, and not all have to happen in a particular order to create a global chaos.

The flood of far-right movements could quickly become a wave of fascism around the world. And while, their rhetoric is different than in the last century, in the nutshell they did not change a bit. And as recently deceased, brilliant mind of Umberto Eco averted, "... one can eliminate from a fascist regime one or more features, and it will still be recognizable as fascist."

For that reason, whoever goes to elections all over the world this year would have to bear in mind - we are walking on the edge. The language of those you vote for cannot be ignored - because the language rules the politics, as Hannah Arendt would say.

The sentences: "he did not mean that", "it is just rhetoric", "just part of the political campaign" - just this, just that, does not exist. The moment we live in, is a rough one, and one elections going to the far-right could create a domino effect, and create chaos that no one would be able to fix.

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Manu Chao - Politik Kills