And You Thought Your Mother Wasn't Perfect

And You Thought Your Mother Wasn't Perfect
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Don't get along with your Mom? Wish you had a better relationship? Then read this story, it might suddenly make your mom look like Mother of the Year.

By all accounts, Mary Shieler was a perfect mother, one who loved and spoiled her breathtakingly beautiful teenage daughter Jessi. They were a team, inseparable, getting nails done together and prom shopping for not just one, but two dresses. The family budget was tight, but Jessi was going to two proms, her own, and her boyfriend's. Mary wanted only the best for her little girl.

Which makes it all the more difficult to understand the evil this mother was secretly unleashing into cyberspace.

Turns out Mary, middle aged, overweight, and tragically bored, had created a new life for herself online. One where SHE was Jessi. One where SHE used her daughter's pictures, videos and underwear to lure men into a sex charged Internet web of lies.

Jessi's swimsuit photos, and Mary's screen name: "talhotblond" were the perfect bait. Mary was thrilled with all the attention. She took more pictures while Jessi wasn't looking -- of her daughter lifeguarding at the pool, getting into the car, showing an unintended flash of skin. Mary sent her prey sexy red silk g-strings and love notes. God, men were easy.

But one of the men this faux Internet honeybee attracted, was more interested than most. Thomas Montgomery was in a sexless marriage and a dead end job. When "talhotblond" texted him that she was a virgin, and asked how old he was, he began a fantasy of his own. After all, he never intended to actually meet the girl. What would the harm be in pretending he was a young "marinesniper?" Another world-class liar hit the web.

For almost a year, marinesniper and talhotblond carried on a steamy love affair, until one night, when marinesniper's real life wife, Cindy Montgomery, discovered her husband's secret stash of photos and panties. Cindy was furious, but this good mom felt sorry for the girl, and wrote "Jessi" a letter, exposing Montgomery's true identity:

Do not trust words on a computer, let this go, you will only be hurt by a man who has mastered the art of manipulations and lies.

Sincerely, Cindy Montgomery

Imagine Mary's surprise when she found out she wasn't the only good liar. This would have been a great time for the fantasy to end. But Mary couldn't let it go. She would extract revenge by starting up another steamy online affair, with one of Thomas Montgomery's co- workers. Brian Barrett was a handsome 22 year-old, the only one in this sordid tale who was telling the truth. Brain thought "talhotblond' was really a teenager too, and was quickly entangled in Mary's web. The cyber-sex was just too hot to resist.

When Montgomery found out 'talhotblond' had a new lover, Brian, a slow burn began. It escalated to full fledged uncontrollable rage when he overheard Brian tell co-workers that "talhotblond' had chosen him, Brian, to "pop her cherry."

Montgomery's alter ego suddenly and violently crossed over from fantasy to real life. Late one night after leaving work, Brian Barrett was shot to death, executed with a sniper rifle. All because of a fantasy girl no one had ever met in person. Mary Shieler would later explain her actions by saying she was "just having fun playing games online."

So this story ends with one man dead, one in prison, and one mother who was never charged with a crime. No laws exist against what she did.

The real Jessi found out what her mother had done after a random Google search of her mother's name. We're told Jessi doesn't speak to Mary anymore.
Mother's day must be a killer holiday for Jessi.

How does your mom look now?

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