Anderson Cooper : 40

A story that the NYT chose to feature on A19 was not only the lead story on CNN's Anderson Cooper Show tonight, it got the first 40 minutes of the program, uninterrupted save for commercials. It was the story of James Frey, the revelation that he fabricated elements of his best-selling memoir. Oddly enough, Larry King, on the same network, had featured Frey "for the full hour", along with his mom and a surprise phone-in from Frey's patroness Oprah, the previous night. Even stranger, the first guest in the 40-minute onslaught was--oh, my God!, what lucky booking!--Larry King, on the phone with A.C., being interviewed about his interview the previous night with the Big O.
Either the Times' news judgement or CNN's was wildly off the mark. Bets?
Meanwhile, the HP-despised Fox had Sean Hannity down in New Orleans, covering the Mayor's rebuilding commission report and interviewing some homeless families.
UPDATE: It's not just me. Even this fansite devoted to Anderson Cooper (you thought there wasn't one?) finds the over-coverage somewhat...disappointing.