Anderson Cooper Ramps Up Criticism Of Alec Baldwin

Anderson Cooper kept up his criticism of Alec Baldwin's recent anti-gay comments on his Monday night show.

Cooper was one of the most prominent members of the media to attack Baldwin after his altercation with a photographer. Baldwin appeared to call the man a "c-ksucking f-g," though he denied using the latter term. He was suspended by MSNBC for two weeks for his comments, and apologized.

Speaking to a panel on Monday's "AC360 Later," Cooper laid into Baldwin, calling him a liar for saying that he was unaware that "c-ksucking" could be used in a homophobic way.

"For him to say, I was informed of this afterward, I mean come on!" he said.

He later added that he didn't understand why Baldwin was getting a "pass" for his comments.

"If Alec Baldwin had yelled the n-word to that photographer, or yelled some anti-Jewish slur, it would be over!" he said.

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