Anderson Cooper Uses Bird Poop Eye Cream To Reduce Puffy Eyes (VIDEO)


Anderson Cooper has established major journalism cred for risking his life to get a great sound bite, including nearly getting blasted by a rocket while reporting live from Gaza front and having his crotch air kissed by Kathy Griffin during CNN's New Year's Eve special. But if that doesn't convince you that Cooper is willing to go the distance, what goes down in the clip above just might.

Our friends over at Styleite brought to our attention the latest episode of Cooper's eponymous show where he bravely uses bird poop eye cream. That's right, the Silver Fox allows his celebrity co-host Jill Martin to rub bird droppings on top of his under eye bags.

The foul (no pun intended) puffy eye cream is actually known as The Geisha Facial, a treatment created by celebrity facialist Shizuka Bernstein of New York City’s Shizuka spa. According to the local beauty haven's site, the bird poop facial "uses traditional and natural Japanese ingredients to soften, brighten and nourish the facial complexion. The most crucial ingredient in these unique facials is uguisu no fun (powdered nightingale droppings), once a secret known only to traditional Kabuki actors and the Geisha themselves."

Apparently, Victoria Beckham and Tom Cruise are huge fans of this bizarre beauty treatment that costs $180 a session. And if their damn-near-flawless complexions are proof that this stuff works, then we're down with the bird poo, too.

What do you think about The Geisha Facial? Would you try this as an alternative to your favorite eye cream? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section.

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