Anderson Cooper On Being Temporarily Blinded: 'I'm Doing Alright' (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper assured viewers Tuesday that he is fine after an eye injury that left him blind for 36 hours.

Cooper said on "Anderson Live" that he was temporarily blinded on assignment for "60 Minutes" in Portugal. He had been doing a story at sea, and his eyeballs were burned by sunlight reflecting off the water.

"It was a freak thing," Cooper said on CNN Tuesday. "I was on the water... and I burned my eyeballs, which i didn't even know you could. I'm an idiot." He added that the incident has become a much bigger story than he anticipated.

"This is what happens when I let you go around tand you're not chaperoned," HLN anchor Isha Sesay joked.

"That's very true," Cooper jokingly replied. "I was very lucky and I got medical attention and I can see. I'm just putting in a lot of drops. It'll be a week or so, but I'm doing alright."



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