Anderson Cooper Blacked Out In China Again Over Story On Threats To Religion

WATCH: 'AC360' Goes Black In China

Anderson Cooper's "AC 360" was censored once again in China Monday night as viewers in the US were actually able to watch the screen go black.

CNN placed a small screen in the bottom right corner of the program to show what Cooper's show looked like to people watching CNN International in China. Cooper warned that the show might get cut off due to its recent reporting on China's threat to religious freedom. The report, Cooper explained, covers Christian leaders in China who are facing what they call "the worst persecution in decades as the government destroys churches and tears down crosses."

Sure enough, the small screen went to black before Cooper could even begin the report.

"We've just gone to black in China," he said. "So we're no longer being seen in China."

Cooper's show, and CNN in general, have been censored before over stories on political turmoil and police violence. In the past, Cooper has been told by foreign correspondents via satellite when his show was being blacked out internationally. But Monday night American viewers got to see it for themselves.

Here's what "AC 360" looked like to viewers in China:

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