Anderson Cooper Makes Fun Of Himself For Not Knowing What 'Clickhole' Was

Anderson Cooper Makes Fun Of Himself For 'Clickhole' Mistake

Anderson Cooper used the recent story about former FIFA Vice President Jack Warner falling for an Onion article to make fun of himself for doing pretty much the same thing.

"What person with Internet and a printer doesn't know that The Onion is a satirical site?" Cooper joked Monday night on "AC 360," while commenting on news that Warner had believed an Onion article declaring the World Cup would be held in the United States this year.

Last month, Cooper responded on Twitter to a Clickhole story about something it claimed he said at New York University's commencement -- failing to realize that Clickhole is a satirical website created by the makers of The Onion.

"I just didn't think it was that funny!" Cooper said on air. "I just thought it was a stupid thing, and it annoyed me that someone would actually think I said a stupid thing."

"I didn't know what Clickhole was," he added in defeat. "I tweeted, 'Do you make this stuff up?' Which of course, as it turns out, yeah, they do. Because that’s their job, since they are a parody site owned by The Onion. So, maybe I shouldn’t throw stones at the FIFA guy."

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