Anderson Cooper Tells Conan Haiti Is 'Among The Richest Countries I've Ever Been To'

The CNN host offered a travel guide ahead of comedian Conan O'Brien's visit.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Thursday gave Conan O’Brien a glowing review of Haiti before the talk show host’s trip there. In a chat on “Conan,” Cooper declared the Caribbean nation “among the richest countries I’ve ever been to.”

O’Brien announced he was visiting Haiti for a “Conan Without Borders” episode to get in President Donald Trump’s face for reportedly calling Haiti a “shithole” (or was it “shithouse”?) during a White House meeting on immigration policy.

Cooper, who visits Haiti often, applauded the comedian’s plan and offered his own travel guide.

“It’s the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, but a country can be poor economically and rich in culture and rich in the strength of the people and rich in so many different ways,” Cooper said. “And Haiti is in that way among the richest countries I’ve ever been to. The Haitian people are incredibly strong, carry themselves with such dignity, and for generations have had governments which have not paid attention to them, which have stolen from them, and yet, whatever adversity they have faced, they faced it head-on.”

Too bad O’Brien couldn’t pack that in his suitcase.

It was Cooper’s impassioned defense of Haiti last week after Trump’s remark that inspired O’Brien’s travel plan. And now, the funnyman is packing his bags. Go get ’em, Conan, and spread some goodwill while you’re there. 

Watch the whole segment above.

“Conan In Haiti” airs Jan. 27.



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