Anderson Cooper Puts Conan O'Brien's Hair On The Ridiculist (VIDEO)

A faux Twitter spat between Anderson Cooper and Conan O'Brien over who has the best TV hair has now spilled over onto their shows, starting with Cooper adding O'Brien's famous flaming pompadour to his Ridiculist.

What started as a little Facebook marketing ploy on the part of Pert Plus, has started to snowball into a fun television rivalry. Cooper is leading the charge, taking to his Twitter feed to express his disgust at coming in a close second to O'Brien. O'Brien responded with his signature gravitas: "Sorry @AndersonCooper, but as long as there is blood in my scalp, my hair shall defeat yours. (Maniacal laughter)."

See Cooper's televised response -- as well as his shocking revelation about the hours and hours of work that has gone into his hair over the years -- in the clip below.