Anderson Cooper Gives Himself A Coronavirus Lockdown Haircut And, Well...

The CNN host said he'd been walking around all day with "my hand on my head."

CNN’s Anderson Cooper is rocking a new hairstyle amid the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

But not one he was hoping for.

“I took a razor and buzzed my head and I gave myself a giant bald spot, over here,” the “Anderson Cooper 360°” host revealed on Thursday.

“I’ve been walking around all day with, like, my hand on my head,” admitted Cooper, who took the new do in his stride.

“It’s fine straight on, I just have to be seen only this way.”

Check out the clip here:

Elsewhere on the show, Cooper lightheartedly offered his haircutting services to colleague Chris Cuomo, who has been providing daily updates on his recovery from COVID-19, the disease caused by the virus.

“Now you will make that popular,” Cuomo told Cooper, joking that the self-inflicted hairstyle would be called “The Coop.”

Check out that clip here:

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