Anderson Cooper's Talk Show Gets Mixed Reviews On First Day

Anderson Cooper's daytime show debuted on Monday and the reviews are mixed.

The CNN host has repeatedly said that he hopes to showcase another, less serious side of himself. His first show, where he interviewed Amy Winehouse's family, tested his ability to pull it off.

Thus far, the answer seems to be maybe.

The Daily Beast praised the show's production and a guest roster that shows that "Anderson" knows what it has to do to succeed. But others said that Cooper is a newbie to daytime TV and that it will take time for him to cross over.

The Guardian called Cooper "surprisingly stiff and impersonal." TVNewser and the Los Angeles Times also took issue with some of the show's elements, including Anderson Cooper introducing the show while pedaling on a bike and talking to a mounted camera and overdramatic narration.

Still, most acknowledged that there was a lot to like about the show, and that it's too early to tell whether Cooper will succeed. The Guardian listed "promising signs," which include "Cooper clearly loves talking to people, doesn't try to hog the stage and is no dummy, three qualities which lift him heads above many other talkshow hosts." Ken Tucker at Entertainment Weekly warned, "Anyone who thinks viewers won’t accept Cooper in this role while he maintains his serious-anchor role on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 is foolish."


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