Anderson Cooper Defends Philippines Coverage (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper addressed the controversy surrounding his recent coverage of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines on Thursday night.

Cooper traveled to the Philippines to cover the aftermath of the disaster, and came under fire from Filipino broadcaster Korina Sanchez, who is married to the Philippine Interior Secretary, for criticizing the government's response to the typhoon.

Cooper responded on Thursday's "AC360," saying, "Miss Sanchez seems to be under the mistaken impression that I said I saw no presence of the Philippine government on the ground in Tacloban. I never said that. Obviously I have been on the ground in Tacloban for days and... I've seen the work that's being done and the work that isn't being done, perhaps even as importantly."

The CNN host recounted the scene he had witnessed at a clinic that didn't have enough aid, and also said that the president of the Philippines has urged foreign journalists to be accurate in their coverage.

Cooper continued, "I would actually say that all week long in every report we have done, we have shown how strong the Filipino people are. The Filipino people, the people of Tacloban and Samar and Cebu and all these places where so many have died, they are strong not just to have survived this storm, but they are strong to have survived the aftermath of this storm."



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