Anderson Cooper Gives Trump’s Latest Bizarre Pardon Pal The Royal Flush

The CNN host says Trump is now handing out pardons weeks after Easter "like a very large bunny who loves rotten eggs."

CNN’s Anderson Cooper added President Donald Trump to his “Ridiculist” once again this week, this time over a pardon issued to former media mogul Conrad Black.

“Just a few weeks past Easter, President Trump is handing out pardons like a very large bunny who loves rotten eggs,” Cooper cracked. 

Black was convicted of obstruction of justice and fraud in 2007 and served 3.5 years in prison.

But what’s drawing the most attention is not his crimes, but rather what he’s been doing since then: praising Trump, constantly, to the point of even authoring an entire book lauding him.  

Or, as Cooper called it, “a total suck-up book.” 

A White House news release called Black “Lord Conrad M. Black of Crossharbour,” a title Cooper found endlessly funny. 

“Let’s just say he ain’t in the line of succession to any throne unless it’s one President Trump just flushed,” Cooper said.

See Cooper’s full takedown below:



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