Anderson Cooper Explains Donald Trump’s Retweets Excuse: Shows He’d ‘Turn On A Dime'

The CNN host also likened the president to a 5-year-old.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday night explained why he believes Donald Trump’s reasoning for retweeting baseless conspiracy theories proves the president has little loyalty.

Trump said earlier that day that it was “fine” to retweet a theory that tried to link former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the death of financier Jeffrey Epstein because it came from “a very highly respected conservative pundit.”

Cooper said that for all Trump’s talk “about being tough and taking the heat, ‘that was a retweet’ is like when your 5-year-old blames his 4-year-old brother for hitting him first and claiming he started it.”

“Can you imagine if the president was hauled in for questioning on something, he would turn on a dime,” Cooper said. “Wasn’t me. It was him.”

Check out the clip here: