Anderson Cooper Blasts ‘Biological Bunker’ Dweller Trump Over Coronavirus Hypocrisy

The CNN host hammered Trump for encouraging people not to follow safety guidelines from his "epicenter of sanitation."

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday took Donald Trump to task for his hypocrisy over the coronavirus, accusing the president of living in a “fantasy world” when it comes to the pandemic.

“Publicly, he’s pretending the virus has passed. Privately, he’s living in a biological bunker,” Cooper said of Trump, noting how the president gets “more tests for the virus than probably anyone else in this country, if not in the world.”

“He’s as sanitized and protected from the virus as anyone can be and in the midst of that epicenter of sanitation, he is encouraging everyone else, don’t follow the guidelines,” the news anchor continued.

“Publicly, he’s flouting all of those guidelines, except the one about hand washing,” Cooper added. “He’s washing his hands of all of it.”

Check out Cooper’s comments here:

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