Anderson Cooper Debunks Donald Trump’s ‘Wartime President’ Claim Once And For All

"If anything he seems like a deserter. He’s absent," the CNN anchor said of the president's failed coronavirus leadership.

Anderson Cooper poured scorn on Donald Trump’s claim to be a “wartime president” in the fight against the coronavirus.

On Monday, the CNN anchor explained how Trump has pretty much abdicated all responsibility for addressing the pandemic since his election defeat to President-elect Joe Biden.

The outgoing president has instead focused on attempting to overturn Biden’s victory, citing bogus claims of mass voter fraud.

Cooper recalled, on the 79th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, how Trump called himself a “wartime president” a “long time ago” in the pandemic, when he “wanted to be seen as commander-in-chief, leading the effort” to burnish his reelection appeal.

“Now, the president doesn’t seem concerned about being a wartime commander,” Cooper said. “If anything he seems like a deserter. He’s absent. The American people have given him leave, voting him out at the ballot box, but he still has some weeks left. He has chosen to go AWOL.”

Check out Cooper’s full monologue here:

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