Anderson Cooper Torches Donald Trump: Can't Be Tough With NRA? Then Go After Danish PM.

The CNN host mocked Trump for the different ways he's treated the prime minister of Denmark and the National Rifle Association.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Tuesday called out President Donald Trump for taking a harder line with Denmark’s prime minister than he does with the National Rifle Association.

Trump canceled his upcoming visit to Denmark after Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen rejected his idea of buying the autonomous Danish territory of Greenland for the United States. Trump also reportedly soured on the idea of stricter gun controls after talking with NRA chief executive Wayne LaPierre.

“You would think this is something on ‘Colbert,’ but this is real,” said Cooper.

“You know what, if you can’t be tough with the NRA, go after the Danish prime minister,” he added.

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Elsewhere on Tuesday’s broadcast of “Anderson Cooper 360°,” the host torched Trump for giving himself yet another phony award.

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