Anderson Cooper Ruthlessly Mocks Donald Trump’s Latest Claim About The Media

The CNN host did not hold back.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper devoted his satirical segment “The Ridiculist” to Donald Trump on Wednesday, lampooning the president for claiming that news anchors sent him letters praising a bipartisan meeting Tuesday on immigration.

“Anchors sent us letters saying that was one of the greatest meetings they’ve ever witnessed,” Trump said at the first Cabinet meeting of the year. “They probably wished they didn’t send us those letters of congratulations, but it was good. I’m sure their ratings were fantastic.”

Cooper could not get enough of Trump’s claim.

“First of all, major kudos to the United States Postal Service for delivering those letters so fast ― so fast it’s almost like it wouldn’t be humanly possible,” Cooper said. “Quick question, though ― who are these anchors who wrote letters congratulating the president on ‘one of the greatest meetings they’ve ever witnessed,’ which is a highly believable, totally normal thing that would absolutely happen.”

The CNN host then joked that he did not send a letter, opting instead to offer his congratulations on a large cookie cake or an Edible Arrangement.

Check out Cooper’s full takedown in the video above.



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