Anderson Cooper Translates Donald Trump's Migrant Kids Message: 'Suck It Up'

The CNN host fired back at Trump's claim that detained migrants were "living far better now than where they came from.”

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Wednesday broke down what he believed President Donald Trump was really trying to say when he tweeted that many of the undocumented migrants detained in federal facilities on the U.S.-Mexico border were “living far better now than where they came from.”

The host of “Anderson Cooper 360°” admitted that Trump’s tweets (below) could prompt people to say “well, at least he seems to be acknowledging that many of these human beings in detention fled from unsafe conditions in their home countries.”

But Cooper then explained Trump’s actual message:

What he actually means of course is ‘quit complaining’ and to the kids in cages without soap, or toothbrushes or any clear idea of what’s going to happen to them or if they’re going to see their families again, it seems like the message from the president is ’kids, suck it up, it’s not that bad.’

Trump’s tweets came amid growing anger over the reported overcrowded and unsanitary conditions that some migrants, including children, are enduring in the centers operated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers.

Check out the clip here: