Anderson Cooper Tries His Best To Make Donald Trump's New Nickname Work, Fails

The CNN host dissected Trump's name game and was less than impressed with his latest effort.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Friday poked fun at President Donald Trump’s new nickname for Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

“The president failed to peg Powell with one of his go-to nicknames, not lazy, not crazy, not lying, not crying even,” he explained.

Instead, Trump on Twitter simply used his own appointment’s first name to again chide him for not cutting the Fed interest rate.

“Now, I assume that’s intended to be a biting insult, but Twitter doesn’t actually have a voice, so just typing the name Jerome doesn’t work. I mean, that is his name,” said Cooper (who said Trump was probably using it because Powell is often known by his initial “J”).

It contained “no bully bravado” or “snide, slithering snarkiness” and relied on people getting “in touch with their inner bully,” he said. Cooper even tried repeating the nickname in various tones, but couldn’t make it stick.

Check out the segment here: