Anderson Cooper Makes A Prediction About Donald Trump's Nickname Game

The CNN host also suggested Trump's latest rant about Fox News sounded "like a jealous 15-year-old boy."

Anderson Cooper thinks President Donald Trump’s penchant for bestowing insulting nicknames upon his rivals could blowing up in his face. 

The host of CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360°” on Monday noted how Trump went on a Twitter tirade against “his most favorite network” Fox News after its “actual news division, and not their morning zoo crew or prime-time propaganda pack” hosted a town hall with Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg.

“Does that sound like a jealous 15-year-old boy to you Snapchatting his bestie late at night?” Cooper asked after reading Trump’s tweets, above.

“Oh, the betrayal when the network you love and rely on for advice and support suddenly gives a platform to someone else and they give him a standing ovation,” he added.

Cooper then suggested that Trump’s “Alfred E. Newman” nickname for Buttigieg, in reference to the gap-toothed cover boy of Mad Magazine, underscored his “stockpile of fossilized nickname nuggets” were “running lower than his credit line with anyone other than Deutsche Bank.”

“Soon he’s going to be making references to Doris Day, who just passed away, or Beetle Bailey,” Cooper concluded.

Check out the clip here: